Summitz Consulting

"Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing"

Summitz Project Management & Consulting

A lot of similarities exist between climbing mountains and managing successful projects. Both require detailed preparation, persistence, creativity and dealing with setbacks. Also for both in the end all the hard work pays off while enjoying the view at the top, and looking back on a great journey. Summitz Consulting is passionate about both: project management and mountain climbing. With over ten years of experience in leading projects in international, complex, digital / IT environments Summitz can offer you strong, no nonsense project management skills that will help you and your organisation to achieve your project goals and timelines.

Keywords: committed, energetic, creative, getting things done, stress resistant, agile.

When you and your organisation are ready to face your next mountain, and you can use some help in your way up, please feel free to contact Summitz Consulting.


Joost van Oosterhout
Torenmuur 30
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